Parameter : statement_memory_limit

Key Highlights :


statement_memory_limit parameter is used to control memory limit for single query execution.

Sometime it happens if we don’t set any limit on query level then single execution of query takes complete HANA memory and result to the HANA crash .

So it is really improvement to set proper value of statement_memory_limit


Description in detail:

  • Sets a statement memory limit on HANA node  in GB (0 or not set = disabled)
  • The limit defines the maximum memory that can be temporarily used for the execution of a statement on one node.
  • When a statement execution   exceeds the specified memory limit, the SAP HANA System will produce a oom dump ( out of memory dump)  and the statement execution will be aborted, but other tasks (threads, statement executions) of the SAP HANA system are not affected.
  • The statement memory limit only takes effect when memory tracking has been enabled ([resource_tracking] enable_tracking = on and [resource_tracking] memory_tracking = on). When set to 0 or missing, there is no limit on the memory consumed by a single statement on one node. Caution: Do not set a limit that is too small. 


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