How to Change Permalink in WordPress with No traffic Loss

How to Change permalink in WordPress with No traffic Loss

Last week i changed permalink in WordPress for my technical website: without loosing my current traffic of the website:
So i thought to share the Tip and procedure with all the bloggers whoever wants to change it for SEO best practice after posting couple of articles as we have biggest challenge to keep website traffic in place while changing Permalink in wordpress / URL of the wordpress website.

What is Permalink:

Lets start with Basic , specially for Newbie bloggers who recently started their blogging career

Below image explains what is Permalink -It’s a URL appending end of website address.

Why we need to Change WordPress Permalink:

In order to rank well in Google search engine,we need to change our WordPress posts’s Permalinks:

By default Plain Permalink structure ( comes whenever we install wordpress and start with new post,It automatically select default permalink structure. It is not good for Google Search engine point of view.If you want to improve your search engine visibility,you need to change your permalink structure to Best Permalink Structure:

Best Permalink Structure in WordPress for SEO

Post Name : <Your Website>/sample-post/ is Best Structure for WordPress Permalink SEO best practice.

Custom Structure /%postname%/ represents to /sample-post/ only .


Now you know which Permalink is good for Search Engine Ranking but Biggest concern is if you have already posted few posts and getting traffic on those and now you are thinking to change Permalink structure to best practice structure so how to deal with existing traffic.

I explain how i did it for my website without loosing single user.

First Step:

Install Plugin “Advanced Permalinks” and activate it.

Once plugin is activate .Goto Setting–>Permalink ,This time you’ll get new option at the Top.

Second Step:

Click on Migration from Top:

In old Permalink text box- Mention Custom structure of your old Permalink and press Add.

It’ll add in your Migration procedure in Green line.

Custom structure you can get it from initial screen of Setting–>Permalinks–>Last Radio Button of Common Setting

Third Step

Once in the migration,Old permalink structure has been added,Go to Default from Top Menu or

Go To: Setting–>Permalink

Change your permalink structure to Post Name : <Your Website>/sample-post/ .

and Save it.

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