SPUMG in Unicode Conversion

What is SPUMG

SPUMG is very important tool used in Non unicode to Unicode conversion.It is standrad Tcode provided by SAP based upon our SAP release.

SPUMG is used in Preconversion Phase:

Preconversion phase means,before doing actual unicode conversion,We need to complete many presteps or we can say we need to prepare our system for Unicode Conversion so mostly preconversion presteps are covered bt SPUMG Tcode.

How to Use SPUMG:

SPUMG is used to prepare the database tables of a non-Unicode system for conversion phase (R3load). Its results are stored in the Export Control Table and the Language List.

Goto Tocde: SPUMG
First thing we need to do with SPUMG is –>
Restart SPUMG:
After a restart, you will be displayed the entrance screen of SPUMG. All data which might have been already entered in SPUMG are now deleted.

Go to Scanner ® Restart SPUMG

After Restart of SPUMG we can perform highligted Steped with the help of SPUMG.

Please read : How to perform addional steps with SPUMG for Unicode Conversion






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