SAP S/4 HANA Installaiton using up-to-date installation

SAP Installation procedures are getting changed with its new generation Tools and products.

Up-To-Date Installation Process ( UDI)

SAP S/4 Hana should be installed suing UDI .In the New Installation process called UDI (Up-To-Date Installation Process), we can Install and upgrade /update the SAP systems in One Step. It Comes with following benefits
1) Execution phase is simplified IE. SWPM and SUM can be clubbed together and executed.
2) Target System Calculation is simplified using Maintenance Planner
3) We can download the initial Media from Service Market Place.
4) Register the System in LMDB in SAP Solution Manager.

Eliminated Steps

a) Intermediate system registration in SLD is eliminated
b) Product System Creation in LMDB does not exist in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
c) Re synchronizing of system data to SAP Support Portal
d) Separate Planning Steps for stack update projects of SAP systems
e) Separate planning for ADD-ON Components is not required.

Up-To-Date Installation (UDI) is supported for

a) SAP ABAP based Installation & JAVA Based Installations
b) SAP Netweaver Products
c) SAP Business Suite 7i2016 products

e) JAVA Patches are available in New Java System Installations

SAP S/4 HANA Installaiton using up-to-date installation approach:

  1. Plan for new system from Maintenance Planner– (output of this step is stack file)
  2. Start SWPM with stack XML file.— Start Software Provisioning Manager with the parameter SAPINST_STACK_XML=<absolute path> of XML file

UNIX: ./sapinst SAPINST_STACK_XML=Stack_file.xml

Microsoft Windows: sapinst.exe SAPINST_STACK_XML=Stack_file.xml
In the Welcome screen, you get installation options filtered according to
your stack XML file:

3. After the installation of SAP S4 hana ,SWPM starts SUM tool.
4. SUM tool upgrades SAP S4 hana system to the target SPS defined in stack file.

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