SAP BASIS Administrator Tasks and Job Responsibilities for Junior Job Role

In this blog i am going to cover what is SAP BASIS Administrator tasks/Job responsibilities and which all things are expected in L1 and L2 support for any client.Please prepare below tasks if you are looking for Job change under L1 and L2 junior role.


  • Hardware and Database Administration
  • User and Security Administration
  • Client Maintenance
  • Correction and Transport System (CTS)
  • Online Service System (OSS)
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • All Service Market Place tasks.
  • Download and apply Support Patches
  • Download and perfrom kernel upgrade
  • Perform Client Copy
  • Ticket administrator

I just try to provide subtasks under each main tasks.

Online Service System (OSS)
OSS is a set of SAP’s online services such as bug fixes and useful implementation information
OSS Notes
Remote Connections
Send questions to SAP
ABAP registration
Hardware and Database Administration -It mainly covers below sub tasks.

Hardware upgrades – adding memory or servers
Database backup and recovery
Database optimization
Disaster Recovery

Here Basis work is mainly cordiante with Database and server team.
User Administration–It mainly covers below sub tasks.

Create users and assign profiles
Modify, lock and unlock users
Develop authorizations and profiles

Client Maintenance- It mainly covers below sub tasks.

Create clients
Copy and refresh clients
Client imports and exports
Delete and remove clients
Modify change options


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