During EHP8 upgrade ,we faced issue during SPDA_DISASSEMBLE_QUEUE step of  EHP_INCLUSION Phase.
4 ETQ399 … ERROR in patch queue handling
1 ETQ124 Scanned file ‘log/SPDA_EHP_INCLUSION.LOG’ from offset 548255 to 846628 for errors.
1EETQ399 Last error code set is: RFC system SID nr 00 function ‘SPDA_DISASSEMBLE_QUEUE’
1EETQ399XRFC failed with code 1 key RFC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE:
1EETQ399Xconnection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED)
1EETQ399XIf you put new packages in the download directory, use option ‘init’ to upload them
1EETQ204 Upgrade phase “EHP_INCLUSION” aborted with severe errors (“20190807115630”)



  1. Not able to get any clue from SUM log files .It was giving same error logs highlighted in SUM screen above.
  2. Check ST22 dump to get the clue of the issue .

In our case we were getting dumps related to“DATASET_CANT_CLOSE”. 

After checking dumps in details ,we came to know that there was an issue with SPACE in SUM directory file symptom.

3 . Added some extra space in the File System of SUM directory which fixed the issue and we moved further.




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