How to check Sap Java Version

How to check Sap Java Version

SAP JVM is SAP’s certified Java Virtual Machine and JDK,Previously we were using HP JDK 1.4 which is now out of support by SAP and SAP introduced it’s own JAVA which we say SAP JVM.

This article covers how we can check SAP Java version to know on which SAP JVM version our SAP system is running.

Execute below command from command prompt:

hostname > java -version

java version “1.4.2_34”
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 4.1.036)
SAP Java Server VM (build 4.1.036 24.45-b08, Dec 2 2013 03:46:37 – 41_REL – optU – aix ppc64 – 6 – bas2:206102 (mixed mode))

Here it shows that in my system SAP JVM version is 4.1 

How To check from SAP Net weaver portal:

Login into below portal : It is System Info URL of SAP Net weaver System

http://<HOSTNAME>:5<system no>00/monitoring/SystemInfo

Check below screenshot,In the Red Box ,you can find SAP JVM version is 4.1 same which we got from command prompt.



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