Solution Documentation in Solution Manager 7.2

In this article , I am going to explain how to upload Process Documents in Solution manager 7.2 & introduction of Solution Documentation in Solution Manager 7.2.


Introduction of Solution Documentation in Solution Manager 7.2:


Solution Documentation is most interesting & powerful change in Solution manager 7.2 in compare to Solution Manager 7.1.

In Solution Manager 7.2 ,SAP has come up with Graphic Business Process Modeling where we gain a business process modeling tool & we can edit & change our existing Business Process in Solution Manager 7.2 itself .There is no need of any third part Modeling Tool.


How to Upload Process Document in Solution Manager 7.2:

1 > Open Tcode : SOLADM or SOLDOC in Solution Manager 7.2 (New Tcode introduced in Solution Manager 7.2)

2>   Select your solution & Branch where Business process is defined & you want to upload document for that business process.


3> Once your Branch is opened & navigate to the Business Process where we want to upload new documentation:

4> Refer below screenshot to upload new document

5> Upload your process document:


6> Provide document property and press OK:


7> Process Document uploaded successfully:


  1. Philip smeers

    Dear, thanks for this input. Currently I’m struggling with the following. Even when we’ve now more than 3 levels available, I still don’t see a possibility to define a subprocess. E.g. Scenario 1 – process 1 – process steps 1,2,3. At which level could I describe a sub-process? I’ve seen a diagram in which a subprocess was defined, though I couldn’t see the solution documentation in form of scenario-process(sub)-processsteps. What could you recommend to me?
    Looking forward for your feedback.
    Kind regards,

  2. Rob Kading

    Hi Philip

    I assume you have found the answer by now? It seems sub-processes are represented as ‘folders’ in the hierarchy.

    Let me know – maybe I misunderstood the question.

    Regards, Rob

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