memorymanager –> Parameter : allocationlimit

Parameter : allocationlimit 

Key Highlights :

  1. This parameter is very useful in the Multi-tenant database container (MDC) system to set memory limit on each tenant system.
  2. Example : If we have 4 tenant systems in the landscape then we can set on indexsever.ini file –> allocationlimit for each tenant system to the accepted memory limit for each tenant system.

Parameter: allocationlimit
Description: Sets an upper limit of memory usable by individual processes in megabytes. When set to 0 or missing, the SAP HANA system implicitly calculates a default value based on global_allocation_limit. Multi-tenant database container (MDC) systems: In a tenant database, the parameter is read-only by default. The parameter can only be changed in the system database.
Values: Positive integer or zero
Default: 0 (implicit limit calculation)
Restart required: No
Validity: Non-MDC (single container) systems: SAP HANA revisions >= 90 MDC systems: SAP HANA revisions >= 90


Ref: Frequently Used Configuration Parameters in SAP HANA & HANA Admin Guide

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