SAP Remote Client Copy Step by Step

SAP Remote Client Copy Step by Step

Overview of differnet transaction used for client copy:

SCC8 /SCC7- Client Import and Export
SCC9 – Remote client copy ( source and target client in different systems)
SCCL – Local import (source and target client in different systems same system)

Here we’ll cover SCC9- SAP Remote Client Copy.Here i am taking scenario where i am doing SAP Remote Client Copy from PRD 300 to QAS 200 Client

Presteps: Both client should be locked for modification,All users should be locked in both client.

Step 1:Login to the target system QAS 200 from SAP* or any other admin user.

Step 2: Create RFC from QAS 200 to PRD 300 >> Connection and Authorization test should be successfull.

Step 3: Execute transaction code SCC9 in QAS 200. Below screen will come and below slection.

Selected Profile: Choose the required profile from the Selected Profile and enter the Source Destination.

Source Destination : RFC which we created in Step 2.

Cross check source and target client.

Test Run :Before running actual remote client copy – please run as Test Run first. Click on the option Test Run. Once the Test Run completed with no error. You can start actual Client Copy

Dont’ select the Test Run option for actual run.

Below are the profiles which are selected based upon our need.

SAP_ALL is used for complete client copy with all data.

Step 4:In below screen ,select Immediately and click on Schedule Job.

Click on Continue.

Now Client Copy has been scheduled successfuly.

To check log and status of Client Copy Check in SCC3.


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