How to Register Program in Sap Gateway

How to Register Program in Sap Gateway

Below is the command to register program in SAP Gateway,You need to execute it from SAP OS level.

<program name> -a<program ID> -g<SAP gateway hostname> -x<gatewayservice>

Suppose we want  “Program1 “needs to be registered:

<program name> -aProgram1 -gABC -xsapgw00

<program name> is the name of the program you are trying to run.

  • Program1 is the name given in SM59 (ProgramId).
  • ABC is the gateway host (from the dev_rfc1 trace above)
  • sapgw00 is the gateway service (from the dev_rfc1 trace).

If the program has been registered on the local gateway you should see an entry for it in
SMGW ==> “Logged on Clients”, it will be shown as a REGISTERED_TP / REGISTERED SERVER.

The example given in note 353597 is:

rfcexec -atest -gHOST -xsapgw00

Please note that “rfcexec” is a sample program delivered with the RFCSDK. If you do the following:

rfcexec -aProgram1 -gABC -xsapgw00

This means that you are trying to register the sample program “rfcexec” with ID “Program1” on the gateway.


NOTE: As of kernel 721 ,We are not using sample program rfcexec and there is different way to allow program to register in Gateway. I’ll explain that in separate post.


  1. Sergio P

    a very interesting article, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Now we are facing the problem of registering a program with kernel 7.21 so we will wait anxiously your post to solve it. Any clue? 😉


    1. admin

      There is a change is security setting as of kernel 720 for external program registration on gateway.
      Rfcexec is not supported from 721 kernel.

      You need to change gw/acl_mode from 1 to 0 and bounce it.
      gw/acl_mode = 0 will allow registration of external server program
      otherwise You can set up an ACL (“access control list”) and use it to control which connections the gateway accepts and which it does not. They are based on the IP addresses of the clients.

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