GRC 10 installation Complete guide high level

GRC 10.1 installation Guide high level steps:

SAP Access Control 10.1, Process Control 10.1, and Risk Management 10.1 are part of the SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). SAP Access Control 10.1 runs on SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SP02 (on non-HANA or HANA databases).

From Basis side high level steps for installation are mentioned below:

Steps for GRC 10.1 system:

1. Install NW 7.40 SP 04 AS ABAP by SWPM.
2. For Access Control, Process Control & Risk Management ,install Software Component: GRCFND_A. as ADDON from SAINT. or SUM on installed system
3. We need to install Software Component: SLL-LEG ,if we want to use Global Trade system on installed system
4. We need to install Software component :GRFD_STRUCTURE,if we want to use content life cycle management on installed system.
5. Activating the Applications in Clients
6. Checking SAP ICF Services >> Activate services
7. Configuring the SAP Net Weaver Gateway
8. Maintaining Plug-in Settings >> Once plug-ins are installed in Backend systems.
9. Activating BC Sets >> Based upon client requirement, we need to activate BC sets ,it may be related to AC,PC and RM.
10. Creating the Initial User in the ABAP System for process control.

Steps for Backend systems:

Installation of Plug-In for AC/PC 10.1 on ERP
• GRCPIERP – Used for HR function
• GRCPINW – Used for Non HR functions.
• SLL_PI – Used for GTS plugin.

Portal and BW are optional: Portal and BW are optional based on requirement. To enable the printing of PDFs from Process Control reports and Risk Management reports We need to install GRC plugin Portal Content & BI content on portal and BW respectively. BI Java Usage Type must be installed on the same system as the Adobe Document Services. As we don’t have any portal system in our landscape so don’t see any requirement to install separate portal.
We can also use NWBC as web client to access GRC ,if we don’t use portal.

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