ADS Connection test in sap and Troubleshooting


ADS Connection Test in sap and Troubleshooting

ADS stands for Adobe Document Services .ADS is part of SAP Netweaver installation and ADS is used for viewing PDF preview in SAP. Here i am explaining the steps how you can verify that ADS in you system is working fine and How you can perform ADS Connection test in sap and Troubleshooting

Here i explain how you can verify all ADS Configuration Steps including ADS Connection in SAP are correct in SAP.

Please follow below steps :

From SE38, test the following. – All the three tests should pass.

  • FP_TEST_00
  • FP_PDF_TEST_00


Test1: Execute Report from se38 ==> FP_TEST_00


Execute and Click on Print Preview

Change the printer to valid printer and hit enter.Click on the “print preview” button to see the following output.


Test 2 :  Execute report from SE38 : FP_PDF_TEST_00


It should provide Version Information:



Output should be some bytes transferred.

ADS RFC test :

Check ADS connection:  Go to SM59>>> Http connection to external server>> ADS >> Test connection

Result should be positive.




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