How to Lock and Unlock SAP TCODE

How to Lock/Unlock SAP TCODE: Sometimes ,there is a requirement to lock some tocode sothat user can’t access that particular tcode. It is possible in SAP and i expain how we can achive it. Go to Tcode: SM01 Enter the tocode which we want to lock/unlock at the bottom of the screen and press enter or Click lock/Unlock screen. We are done now.

How to run performance and SQL Trace

 GENERATION OF PERFORMANCE/SQL TRACE. Why Performance/SQL Trace? Whenever we have any performance issue ,there is a need to run performace stace Certain times there may be a request to run an SQL TRACE for a particular job.,This request generally come when a particular job is taking more time then expected. What is SQL trace ABAP uses OPEN SQL statement to capture information which then is converted in native SQL which is understood by the database. This transition takes place in ……

Program of Hierarchical Inheritance

/*Program of Hierarchical Inheritance*/ #include #include class A { int q; public: void getdata(int w) { q=w; } void display() { cout<<“\n\nq=”<<q<<“\nI am the member of Class A\n”; } }; class B:public A { int e; public: void setdata(int r) { e=r; } void show() { cout<<“\n\ne=”<<e<<“\nI am the member of Class B derived from Class A\n”; } }; class C:private A { int t; public: void putdata() { t=5; cout<<“\n\nt=”<<t<<“\nI am the member of Class C derived from Class ……

Program of Dynamic Constructor

/*Program of Dynamic Constructor*/ #include #include #include class abc { char *string; int length; public: abc() { length=0; string=new char[length+1]; strcpy(string,” “); } abc(char *s) { length=strlen(s); string=new char[length+1]; strcpy(string,s); } void display() { cout