Solution Manager Diagnostic Agents (SMD)

Solution Manager Diagnostic Agents (SMD)

In this tutorial ,i am covering What is Diagnostic Agents (SMD) ? Why It is important for Solution Manger-

From the name of SMD ,It’s is clear that Diagnostic Agents (SMD) is used for End to End Diagnostics of Solution Manager.

We need to install SMD agent in all the managed systems along with Solution Manager which all we want to be monitored by Solution Manager.

Diagnostic Agent provides following functionality to Solution Manager:

Root Cause Analysis-

Solution Manger provides functionality for RCA of managed systems,For RCA it requires data from Diagnostic Agents (SMD) of Managed systems.

Willy Introscope-

One of very powerful use of Solution manager is in Willy Introscope,Willy Introscope is used for performance monitor of managed systems,Data for Willy is collected by SMD agents.

Service Desk-
Service Desk of Solman offers complete user and solution support in your SAP solution Landscape.

Solution Monitoring-
Solution Monitoring provides functionalities such as Business Process Monitoring, System Monitoring, Service-Level Reporting, Early Watch Alert.Data for Solution Monitoring is sent by Diagnostic Agents (SMD) to Solution Manager.

##So in sort we can say without Diagnostic Agents (SMD) ,Solution Manager is unable to perform major functionality.

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