inifile_checker–> exclusion_[|*][/]

Key Highlights:

  • This parameter will help in the scenario where we don’t want to replicate few parameter from primary to secondary site.
  • Scenario where we want to have different value of particular parameters in primary and secondary site.
  • This parameter is helpful where replication on the primary site with [inifile_checker]/replicate = true is enables With parameter replication activated, any changes made on the primary are automatically replicated to the secondary sites; without this parameter replication activated changes should be manually duplicated on the other system.


Parameter: exclusion_[<inifilename>|*][/<LAYER>]

Description: The ini file name can be replaced with an asterisk. The LAYER name can be SYSTEM, HOST or DATABASE. The section name and configuration parameter name can contain wildcards or be replaced with an asterisk each.  The pre-defined combinations are excluded from regular checks in HANA System replication scenarios.

Values: [<section with wildcards>|*][/<configuration parameter with wildcards>|*]

Values: [<section with wildcards>|*][/<configuration parameter with wildcards>|*]

Default: exclusion_global.ini/SYSTEM =

storage/*, persistence/*path*, *hostname_resolution*, system_replication/* exclusion_nameserver.ini/SYSTEM =  landscape/* exclusion_daemon.ini/HOST = */instances exclusion_* = traceprofile_*

Restart required: No


Example : Use case:

To prevent parameters from generating alerts and getting replicated eventually, it is possible to create exclusions. In the following example, different global allocation limits (GAL) on primary and secondary systems can be set without being overwritten by the parameter replication:



enable = true|false
interval = 3600
exclusion_global.ini/SYSTEM = memorymanager/global_allocation_limit



Ref: SAP HANA Admin Guide and Frequently Used Configuration Parameters in SAP HANA

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