• Even though SAP HANA database is a In-Memory database as it data resides in memory But it doesn’t mean that If power goes off data will also go like physical RAM
  • Data is always saved from memory to disk at save points and data changes are written into redo log files.So in case of failure they can be used for recovery.
  • The SAP HANA database keeps data in memory for maximum performance, but still uses persistent storage (disk memory) to provide a fallback in case of failure. 

In this article i am covering how to perform SAP HANA DATABASE BACKUP and RECOVERY from SAP HANA STUDIO:


  1. Open HANA STUDIO–>Right click on system that need to be backed-up.
  2. Then Goto Backup and Recovery–> Backup System
  3. Select Backup Type-Complete Data Backup and provide Backup Destination and click on Next:

4. Verify Detail and click on Next:

5 .Backup Running Information:

Backup Completed Successfully.Check logs for backup execution:

Backup Log:


  • Recovery is necessary if either data or log area becomes unusable because of hardware failure or some other failure.
  • For  recovering SAP HANA database , We have to recover using the last available data backup and by replaying the log backup

We can recover database with HANA Studio itself.

  1. From the context menu choose Recovery option ,provide<SID>adm username and password and then choose the required recovery type.Then specify the location of the required backup files(Data and Log files)
  2. Open SAP HANA Studio –> Right click on system that need to be recovered
  3. Then Goto Backup and Recovery–> Recover System

There are other ways also for SAP HANA Database backup and recovery through Python script or os-level.That i’ll cover in separate tutorial.

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