How to run performance and SQL Trace


Why Performance/SQL Trace?

  • Whenever we have any performance issue ,there is a need to run performace stace
  • Certain times there may be a request to run an SQL TRACE for a particular job.,This request generally come when a particular job is taking more time then expected.

What is SQL trace

  • ABAP uses OPEN SQL statement to capture information which then is converted in native SQL which is understood by the database. This transition takes place in the database interface of the work process.
  • So basically SQL trace captures the information of about how the open SQL statement are being converted into native SQL and which all parameters are passed into Database for the actual computation(like UPDATE,DELETE etc.).

Steps to generate SQL trace

  • Goto SM37
  • Check for the job for which the Trace has to generated.
  • Check for the server name where the job is running.
  • Goto SM51 and click on to the server on which the job is running.
  • Access transaction ST05. From the initial screen, click the check box for SQL trace, under the tracerequests, click Activate Trace with Filter

  • At present the trace is switched off.
  • As soon as we activate the trace it show the message as Trace is active and the ID which recently changed the Trace condition.
  • When clicking activate trace with filter.

    • It will ask for the filter.
    • Here we can give the USER ID under which that job is Running for which we have to generate the trace.
    • Or the Program name
    • Or the work Process number under SAP R/3 Proc. No.
    • Once done enter enter.
    • Now the trace is Active
    • IMPORTANT: do not Run the trace for more than 1-2 minutes…
    • Once 1-2 minutes is over deactivate the trace

    • Now click Display Trace
    • Now a screen like this appears:

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