Program of Hierarchical Inheritance

/*Program of Hierarchical Inheritance*/ #include #include class A { int q; public: void getdata(int w) { q=w; } void display() { cout<<“\n\nq=”<<q<<“\nI am the member of Class A\n”; } }; class B:public A { int e; public: void setdata(int r) { e=r; } void show() { cout<<“\n\ne=”<<e<<“\nI am the member of Class B derived from Class A\n”; } }; class C:private A { int t; public: void putdata() { t=5; cout<<“\n\nt=”<<t<<“\nI am the member of Class C derived from Class A\n”; } void output() { getdata(t); display(); } }; int main() { C c; c.putdata(); c.output(); B b; b.getdata(2); b.display(); ……

Program of Dynamic Constructor

/*Program of Dynamic Constructor*/ #include #include #include class abc { char *string; int length; public: abc() { length=0; string=new char[length+1]; strcpy(string,” “); } abc(char *s) { length=strlen(s); string=new char[length+1]; strcpy(string,s); } void display() { cout


/*Program of FUNCTION OVERLOADING*/ #include #include int add(int,int,int); // function declaration float add(float,float); // function declaration int add(int q, int w, int e) // function definition { return (q+w+e); } float add(float a, float s) // function defintion { return (a*s); } int main() { int q,w,e; float a,s; coutq>>w>>e; int p=add(q,w,e); // function calling through parameters cout

Program of BINARY OPERATOR OVERLOADING using member function

/*Program of  BINARY OPERATOR OVERLOADING using member  function*/ #include<conio.h> #include<iostream.h> class A { int a,b; public: void getdata(int p,int q) { a=p; b=q; } void display() { cout<<“\na=”<<a<<“\nb=”<<b; } A operator+(A a1) { a1.a=a1.a+a; a1.b=a1.b+b; return a1; } }; int main() { A a1,a2,a3; int f,g,h,i; cout<<“\nEnter 2 numbers\n”; cin>>f>>g; a1.getdata(f,g); a1.display(); cout<<“\nEnter 2 numbers\n”; cin>>h>>i; a2.getdata(h,i); a3.display(); a3=a2+a1; getch(); return 0; } OUTPUT    : Enter any number 5 Enter another number 7 Addition of these numbers = 12

Program for the addition of 3 complex numbers using FRIEND function

/*Program for the addition of 3 complex numbers using FRIEND function*/ #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class complex { int real,imag; public: complex() { } complex(int f,int g) { real=f; imag=g; } void display() { cout<<real<<“+i”<<imag; } friend complex sum (complex,complex,complex); }; complex sum(complex q,complex w,complex e) { complex r; r.real=q.real+w.real+e.real; r.imag=q.imag+w.imag+e.imag; return r; } int main() { int z,x,c,v,y,u; cout<<“\n\nenter the real and imaginary part of 1st complex number\n”; cin>>y>>u; complex p(y,u); cout<<“1st complex number       “; p.display(); cout<<“\n\nenter the real and imaginary part of 2nd complex number\n”; cin>>z>>x; complex o(z,x); cout<<“\n2nd complex number       “; o.display(); cout<<“\n\nenter the real and imaginary part of ……

SAP BASIS Administrator Tasks and Job Responsibilities for Junior Job Role

In this blog i am going to cover what is SAP BASIS Administrator tasks/Job responsibilities and which all things are expected in L1 and L2 support for any client.Please prepare below tasks if you are looking for Job change under L1 and L2 junior role. SAP BASIS ADMINISTRATOR JOB PROFILE Hardware and Database Administration User and Security Administration Client Maintenance Correction and Transport System (CTS) Online Service System (OSS) Performance Monitoring and Tuning All Service Market Place tasks. Download and apply Support Patches Download and perfrom kernel upgrade Perform Client Copy Ticket administrator I just try to provide subtasks under ……