How to understand Oracle Error Codes

How to understand Oracle Error Codes

Here i explain special trick for Basis Admin to understand Oracle Error Codes with complete explanation without doing Google.

Login to OS level (tested in Unix) as SIDADM user.

Execute Command- oerr ora <err#>

Suppose i need to look in ora 1652 which i got in some error message,Execute as below:

<Host Name> oerr ora 1652

01652, 00000, “unable to extend temp segment by %s in tablespace %s”
// *Cause: Failed to allocate an extent of the required number of blocks for
// a temporary segment in the tablespace indicated.
// *Action: Use ALTER TABLESPACE ADD DATAFILE statement to add one or more
// files to the tablespace indicated.


It also provides Cause and Actions of the oracle error,Then take action as per given message.


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