Password Reset for ICMADM user for webdispatcher:

ICMADM user is used to login into web dispatcher page. It is called Web Administration user to login into Web Administration Interface.


Suppose the< icmadm> password id locked or you have forgotten the password so below is the trick to get new password for <icmadm user>.


·         Step1 :Goto Webdispatcher path:

             cd /usr/sap/<SID>/sapwebdisp

·         Step 2:Delete icmauth.txt file: This file is a authorization file for <icmadm> user and contains the password information.

              rm icmauth.txt

·         Step 3 :Run BOOTSTRAP: Bootstrap is used to generate new webdispacter profile.But here we’ll not generate new profile as we have already existing profile and here our objective is to change get password.

              cd /usr/sap/<SID>/sapwebdisp

             ./sapwebdispbootsrap  [execute by sidadm]

In case of already existing sapwebdisp.pfl ,it’ll not ask for inputs and directly provide the password.


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