Diagnostic Agents (SMD) Agent Administrator :


Diagnostic Agents (SMD) Agent Administrator :

This tutorial covers below points:

1> What is SMD Agent Administrator

2> How we can open Diagnostic Agents (SMD) Agent Administrator console.

3> Which all things can be done from Diagnostic Agents (SMD)  Agent Administrator console.


How to launch/Start Diagnostic Agents (SMD) Agent Administrator console- 

There are 2 way to open Diagnostic Agents (SMD) Agent Administrator console.

1> Direct Through URL-

 <HOSTNAME>:80<system no>//smd/AgentAdmin

2> Though Solution Manager- Go to Tcode

Solman_Workcenter >>Solution Manager Administrator >>Infrastructure >>Agent Framework

Agent Administrator manages Diagnostic Agents of managed systems.It provides following functionality :

Agent Tab Page-

  • STOP/START/RESTART all the managed systems agent.
  • Display the status of Agents.

Agent Connectivity tab-

It provides connectivity port or setting of all agents.

Agent Credentials Tab-

It provides how agents are allowed to be connected to Solution Manager – Basic Authentication (ID and password) or though Certificate.

Agent Log Viewer –

It capture logs if if have any issue with Agent connectivity-

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