How to Deploy SCA file using SDM Software Deployment Manager Command Line

Software Deployment Manager tool SDM | How to Deploy SCA file using SDM Command Line

Software Deployment Manager SDM tool comes with the SAP Java stack.
In SAP Netweaver 2004 ,We used to deploy java support patches using Software Deployment Manager SDM but later JSPM (JaVa Support Pack Manager) came into picture in NW 2004s

JSPM was advance tool compare to SDM.It automatically calculate Queue and import Java Patches ,We can say easy method to deploy java Patches.
But internally JSPM calls SDM only and patches are deployed with SDM only.

So we can say SDM is core of JSPM Java Support Pack Manager.

In this tutorial i cover, how we can apply Java patch with SDM,suppose we have single Java patch so applying with JSPM is time consuming and SDM is good approach in this case.Here i am explaining to deploy java patches with command line:

Please follow below commands in sequence:

Step 1: Goto SDM program directory:
cd /usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGS<instance no>/SDM/program

Step 1: Stop SDM server :

Step 3 :Start SDM= JStartup in standalone mode– means not intregated with Java- jstartup mode=”standalone”

Step 4: Deploy Java Patch with below command- deploy file=<complete path of SCA/SDA file>

Step 5 :Start SDM-JStartup in integrated mode with JAVA- jstartup mode=”integrated”

Step 6: Start SDM server-

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