How to Check SAP Version / SAP Netweaver Version

How to Check SAP Version / SAP Netweaver version

I received many query from fresher  how to check SAP version and SAP Netweaver version ? On which SAP or Netweaver version our SAP system is running ?

This article solves all these query-

I cover for ABAP Application server from SAPGUI:

  • Login into SAP system via SAPGUI:
  • From the Main menu navigate to SYSTEM –>STATUS (below screen will open)

In the Component version you are seeing SAP ECC 6.0 ,it means this system is running on SAP ECC 6.0 .

To check in more details,click on search bottom    it’ll open component details where we can get more information about system components

Components in Red box are tells all about SAP and Netweaver Version.

Here  as you can see

SAP_BASIS is at  701 it represents It is SAP Netweaver 7.0 and EHP 1.

SAP_APPL is at 604 it represents It is SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 4 system.

What is the conclusion here ??

This system is SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 4 system which is based on SAP Netweaver 7.0 and EHP 1

Hope it is clear now,Please comment for any  doubt and more clarification:

I recommend to have a loon on below article posted by me to be clear more about SAP ECC, SAP Netweaver


  1. Gangaraju

    SAP_APPL 617 0007 SAPKH61707 @6H\QAchieved with Support Package@ Logistics and Accounting
    SAP_BASIS 740 0009 SAPKB74009 @6H\QAchieved with Support Package@ SAP Basis Component
    then its Ecc6 EHP17 ?
    netviewer 7.4 ?

  2. Hardik Shrivastava

    Hi N Karthik,

    Basically Netweaver is the foundation base on which any ERP application components resides. and that consists of SAP BASIS, SAP_ABAP and other frameworks. in short SAP_APPL . ERP appliation.

    Hardik Shrivastava

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