HOW to Launch NEW SUM Tool SP 14,15,16 and 17 patch for doing Upgrade/Patching

Process for launching SUM tool has been changed from SUM Tool patch 14 ,Previolsy SUM tool was launched with http://<hostname >:4239 till SUM SPS 13.

With the new SUM, there is a new method of starting up the SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) tool.


         Download the latest SUM and extract it using the SAPCAR.(Latest SUM SPS patch 17 patch is available now)

         Latest SAP Host Agent in your operating system should be installed.


In new SUM tool ,port has been changed from 4239 to 1129 (https)& 1128(http) and It has been intregrated with SAP Host agent.

Please follow below steps for laucnching SUM in 14,15,16,17 Patch.

Step 1 : We need to register SAP Host agent with SUM

cd /usr/sap/<SID>/SUM

./STARTUP confighostagent <SID>

Step 2: Restart the SAP Host Agent using the following commands:

cd /usr/sap/<SID>/SUM

<HOSTAGENT directory>/exe/saphostexec -restart

Step 3: Open a web browser window and in the address bar, enter the following URL:

https://<hostname>:1129/lmsl/sumabap/<SID>/doc/sluigui {FOR SSL if it is configured}

OR , If the SSL has not been configured, use http instead of https at the beginning of the URL and use port 1128:


Step 4 :In the dialog box that appears, enter the user name <sid>adm and the password.

Launch from Web browser


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